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November 19, 2011


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Sometimes you find yourself in impossible situations where the lighting just absolutely sucks. Does that mean you're doomed? No images? Absolutely not. Get creative and push yourself to find new and innovative ways to create stunning images. I believe just about any situation can be used to your advantage and you can achieve some kick-butt images in the worst lighting.

First of all, you need to know that bad light photography is not necessarily just night photography, as many people assume. There could be different amounts of light coming from various sources. Bad light can refer to too much light as the direct sunlight at noon. This is what we'll discuss today. In the next journal we'll talk about the other part of bad light: low-light.

Nearly High Noon by Cynder-ElluhHigh Noon by LAMONTANE
Sun at High Noon by Jeana-M-PhotographyHigh Noon by AmourRoseSahara High Noon by MarkAaron

TIPS to use on noon light:

DON'T shoot at noon on a sunny day! Do everything possible to avoid this time of the day because the sun is at its strongest. The light that reflects from the sun is very harsh at this time of day and will just make your photographs look terrible. They will cast unnecessary shadows an it will distort your photograph.

Nevertheless, if you really have to shoot at noon (weddings, big, important events) then:

1) Move closer to the subject

When taking photographs during this time of day, a better picture is taken if you are a little closer to the subject. By moving physically closer to the subject, you will help eliminate the big shadows and the highlights that are reflected from the sun's rays. When you move in closer to the subject, you actually simplify your composition and therefore maintain better detail for your photograph.

High Noon by alexisroseHigh Noon, handcoloured by Dyingslavemore Lizi at high noon by jbidewell
Urban Tale by AppleChuaCocktails At Noon by Missprecioussuicide
high noon light by xoxolisalove:thumb138191462:

2) Take Advantage of the clouds

Look up! That's right, you need to be aware of the clouds. Take a look at how the clouds are moving. If they are moving towards the sun and if it looks like they will cover the sun, even partially sometime during the day, then you will want to wait for an hour or until the cloud starts to move over the sun. This will help to soften your photos when you take them. Waiting for the passing cloud will help to revive the colors in your photograph. In addition, your photograph will turn out much sharper.

urban jungle by brianjamesphotoThoughts by XBleuberryx
noon by ArtDZLet's Play - Campaign 03 by ManStudioPhotographyNoon by KayleighJune

3) Use the Flash

Most people think that you should put the flash away when it is sunny. On the contrary, by using the flash at high noon, you will create additional detail in your photograph, particularly of the people you are photographing that day. The flash bounces off the other light and helps to promote this detail.
when you happen to be in shadow areas behind buildings, under large trees or bridges OR during a cloudy day.

Rali by BPhotographic... the girl next door by SAMLIM:thumb118992695:

4) Make HDRs!

Use a tripod and take a series of photos of the same scene, though, each with a different exposure. Thus, you can combine the images on your PC into a single photo that includes the full dynamic range. This technique is called High Dynamic Range photography, or HDR for short.

You'll also need a special software on your PC that can stitch together a HDR image, such as Photomatix Pro.

Am participat la Reuniunea Nationala a Cenaclurilor Literare din Romania de la Nucsoara, Arges, intre 11-13 nov. Am fost placut surprinsa ca printre participantii din toata tara sa intalnesc si devianti, asa ca, a fost si un mic devmeet:D

Participanti devianti:

:iconsorindanut: :iconjoannajo25: :iconmc9407: :iconcorsico: si cu mine.

Am avut discutii fotografice interesante si am fotografiat impreuna imprejurimile vizitate. It was a blast:D Si unde mai pui ca mi-am facut si prieteni noi? Niste oameni minunati:heart:


Nucsoara devmeet 2011 by Danutza88Multicameras photographer by Danutza88Sorin Danut by Danutza88
Nucsoara devmeet: Ioana, Calutzu and I by Danutza88 People at Nucsoara by Danutza88
Nucsoara Romania by Danutza88Nucsoara Romania II by Danutza88
One photographer, many cameras by Danutza88

Skin by ginkgografix (modified by Danutza88)
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Missprecioussuicide Nov 20, 2011  Professional Photographer
Interesting tutorial, thanks for the reference too.

Love the set out of this, too. Great designing and choice of images
Danutza88 Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
;) I'm glad you liked it:D I always pay attention to the little details. I want my tutorials to be perfect:giggle:
Ieeei :w00t: another Danuta journal. I've been missing these a lot!

It was a pleasure to read it and am happy to have found out more about mid-day photography. I will try to keep these in mind :D

Keep up! :D
Danutza88 Nov 20, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
:D I'm glad you liked it and found it useful, dear:D Low light photography tips coming up next week:D Stay close;)
Oh :blushes: ma bucur ca ai fost la cenaclu. Mi-a aratat si Vlad niste poze si cred ca a fost foarte frumos. Poate o sa-mi povestesti ... :hug:
Danutza88 Nov 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Ma bucur. Stay in touch pentru partea a II-a de saptamana viitoare;)
te watchuiesc asa ca voi vedea cand postezi
Danutza88 Nov 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Apropo, inainte de jurnalul postat azi am mai postat cateva jurnale utile pe diferite teme de interes:D Daca vrei, poti sa le rasfoiesti. Sunt la fel de concise, cu exemple fotografie de pe dev si... sper la fel de utile:)
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